Private Thoughts

(reprinted from the Metro Spirit  02-22-16)

The year is 2076. Three centuries ago, a brave band of patriots pledged their fortunes together while gathered here in Philadelphia. It’s funny how history repeats itself.

Our division found ourselves outside Philadelphia after being driven from New York. We all know that the resistance is in a precarious state, and I guess that’s why General Washington chose to deliver my orders in person. The mission is critical, but I noticed the General smirk when he told me the circumstance of my mission.

“At Independence Hall, you will receive a data package from a man named Jefferson. This package must be brought online and shared with the people.”

“Nice. I’m glad the guys in the rear echelon still have a sense of humor.” Returning to the seriousness of the mission, “What kind of a data package, sir? Is it a special?”

A grim look returned to the General’s face. “Yes, soldier. You better start prepping.”

Starting shortly after the Apple Computer ruling in 2016, an individual’s privacy rights with respect to electronic data diminished greatly. The Apple ruling basically lead to a mandate that any commercially provided encryption device include a backdoor. Continue reading

Battlefront Fail

 (reprinted from the Metro Spirit 02-16-16)

On numerous occasions I’ve shared with you my personal struggles with Minecraft.  While at first Minecraft appears to be innocuous, this simplistic entrée into virtual reality guides the obsessive compulsive to their demise.  The clean geometrical concepts urge the builder to push just a little further, until all that rises above the ground is transformed into the complete and adorned.  And just when you are ready to walk away satisfied that the job is finished, that’s when you hear it – a call that originates from land of blocks and penetrates your soul,

“You must dig more.”

So to borrow a phrase, I’ve found that the only way to win is not to play.   Continue reading